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A reference that has become essential!

The ST-1 MK2 Lanen, designed on the basis of the STC-3D MK2, is one of the only condenser microphones on the market, equipped with a real 34mm large diaphragm capsule, with a gold-plated one-inch diaphragm, in this price range.

Almost all of the other brands speak of a large membrane, for capsules from 16 to 19mm and the difference is significant!

Unlike “entry-level” products, which are often too cold and too bright, with less full sound in the bass and lower midrange, the ST-1 MK2 Lanen perfectly reproduces the definition and warmth of the recorded source.

New shape, same outstanding sound !

The ST-1 MK2 Lanen, based on the STC-3D MK2 and providing the same features and quality of sound, is a multipurpose electrostatic studio/live mic equipped with a low cut filter and attenuator and with a capsule large diaphragm (34 mm) with 1″ diaphragm.

It will make sure you are able to keep on top of all your live recordings:

  • voice,
  • percussion,
  • guitar,
  • piano,
  • atmosphere,
  • brass, etc.

The ST-1 MK2 is delivered with its clip and its cover.

About the ST-1 MK2 Lanen:

“The reason I have become the sound engineer for all the top French singers is because I never compromise on the quality of my recordings and that is why PRODIPE wanted my expertise.

Moreover! I believe in PRODIPE because I know that this brand has continually tried to cut out the middlemen and reduce manufacturing costs, without lowering the quality, so that previously unobtainable professional products could be made available to everyone.

The Lanen model follows the same rule.

A success. All my requirements are taken into account, this excellent product is available today. Thanks Prodipe.”

Ludovic Lanen – Sound engineer