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An ultra-versatile guitar, very present, very powerful … for an incredible price.

The choice of a 100% mahogany series, a nod to tradition allied with modern techniques, for a deep, full, original sound.

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The PRODIPE GUITARS TC80MA series follows the greatest tradition of SOLID BODY guitar manufacture.

The best craftsmen for an unmatched result:

• a good density basswood body,
• a neck in vintage varnished maple,
• a maple fingerboard for more brilliance and edge.

We have also chosen to fit ALNICO V pickups, and a set of nickel-coated SAVAREZ 9-46 strings for an exceptional result in this price range.

ALNICO V pickups are made with an aluminium-nickel-cobalt alloy, which offers several advantages:

• Lower magnetic field than a ceramic pickup, for optimum string vibration giving more sustain.
• Unlike ceramic pickups, ALNICO pickups contain 6 separate magnets. This allows us to choose the perfect configuration for each string during manufacture, thus achieving better balance.
• The aluminium-nickel-cobalt alloy is also ideal for a palette of warm, full, precise sounds.
• Finally, the TC80MA/RA range has a pickup configuration consisting of two single coils, in the perfect tradition for faultless versatility.

We also use old-fashioned varnishes for the traditional BLACKS and SUNBURSTS.