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Rogers Drums USA
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This lug was used on Rogers drums between 1959 and 1964. The original iconic design was made of drawn brass with chrome plating. Known as the Bread & Butter lug, “B&B” or the “Tab Lug”, which refers to two threaded tabs that mounted the lug to the drum. Although a celebrated visual feature of the Rogers drums, these original lugs were prone to breaking over time, due to extended stress on the tabs- even with normal use.

The new Rogers B&B vintage replacement lug is, in size and appearance, a faithful reproduction of the original 1960 B&B lug – however, it features a completely re-worked die-cast construction that will not crack under tuning tension, or from any playing wear ‘n tear. A spring-less design uses nylon inserts to hold lug inserts in place.


•Lug body: 2.25 inch long end to end
•Two-sided spring-less design
•Mounting holes are spaced 1.625 inch apart
•Comes complete with standard shell-mounting screws for wood drums