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Rim Shaker – det senaste tillskott i Schlagwerks portfölj av nyskapande, flexibla och mycket användbara tillbehör. Denna produkt är inte bara ett cajontillbehör av hög klass, utan den fungerar lika bra på alla trummor och percussioninstrument som har en 90 graders vinkel mellan kropp och slagyta. Rim Shakern kan dessutom användas på gitarr.

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The Rim Shaker combines a flexible TPE carrier and a square synthetic Shaker tube that hinges in the flexible carrier.
Attached via Velcro to the side of a Cajon (or virtually any drum with the playing surface 90° to the resonant body) the shaker aligns parallel to the playing face.
This gives you the possibility to have a shaker at your fingertip while weaving this sound into any rhythm pattern you use to lay down to a song. This comes naturally to your movements without changing your hand to grab a shaker in your setup.
The end of the shaker tube is wrapped with a small fleece tape. This way you can strike the playing surface through the tube and it will produce a stroking sound just like your fingertip, expanding the sound possibilities with the Rim Shaker even more.
With a rubber ring movable on the shaker tube one can adjust the attack of that stroking sound.
Once again Schlagwerk cements its reputation for being one of the most innovative companies in the percussion world.
The Rim Shaker is a fantastic flexible sound addition to any existing setup, even suitable for adventurous guitar players.