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Trick Drums USA

The GS007 has become the most-used strainer system in today’s custom drum industry. The technology that makes the GS007 so effective is a central vertical stainless-steel shaft driven by two bearings and controlled with an extremely smooth rotating lever. With its precision-fit parts this is the most stable and easy-to-use strainer you will ever purchase.

GS007 strainers fit most shells. Some drilling may be required for direct mounting. However, aftermarket retrofit kits exist to allow the GS007 to fit on virtually all drums without any drilling or other shell modifications.

The GS007 comes in two color options—black and silver—as well as two style variations. The Single Step Cam works like a traditional strainer, giving you the option to turn the strainer on or off. The Multi Step Strainer has three stops as well as an off position, giving you a dynamic range of tension for different sounds or playing styles without having to manually change the tension with the knob.

Precision CNC machined parts
Aircraft-grade AL13 aluminum
Powerful and durable stainless steel

Body 2 hold (Vertical)
Body hole space .875 inch center to center