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Xvive O1 Tube Squasher Overdrive. Effektpedal i miniformat.

Samtliga XVive produkter är utvecklade i samarbete med gitarrister och ingenjörer – för att säkerställa behovet av en lättanvänd pedal med kraftfull ton och snabb respons. Tillverkad med ett robust chassi och ett kompakt format som sparar plats i pedalbordet.

Main Feature:

1: FET-based overdrive circuitry allows the Tube Squasher to realistically
emulate the smooth overdrive characteristics of a good vacuum tube amp.
The playing dynamics are tube-like in tone and feel.
2: The Tube Squasher is a very powerful tone-shaping tool.
3: An internal supply voltage step-up allows more dynamic range and headroom with tight bass tones.
4: It is a low to medium gain overdrive .

* TONE – shapes color of distorted signal
* LEVEL – controls overall volume of effect
* DRIVE – controls amount of overdrive
* LO CUT – 2 position switch that can alternate between a fat full
range tone and a clear, transparent sound featuring mids and highs.
* Foot Switch toggle effects on/bypass (blue LED “on” indicator)

* Use a cable from the guitar to the Tube Squasher’s INPUT jack and run
another cable from the Tube Squasher’s OUTPUT jack to the amplifier.
* Start with the OUTPUT, TONE and GAIN controls at 12 o’clock.
* Turn the effect on by pressing the footswitch.
* Rotate the Level knob clockwise to increase the overall volume of the effect
or counterclockwise to decrease it.
* Rotate the TONE knob clockwise for a brighter sound and counterclockwise
for a darker sound.
* Rotate the drive knob clockwise to increase the amount of distortion
and counterclockwise to decrease it.